2 week review

I had a sit down discussion with the kids today. I figured it was time, especially after watching everyone sliding last week. Gosh, I have heard others say that Moms rule the house, but I always felt like my husband and I had equal control here. It really became apparent though how little he gets involved in what the kids eat when I got too busy to be there! That’s OK, he does a great job keeping us going on the evening activity so I’ll take what I can get.

The discussion today served to remind the kids that they need to drink their water, fill their plates with fruits and veggies at every meal, and do a better job of limiting their time on the media. I reminded them about how we all want to finish this project healthier than when we started so hopefully they’ll remember.

Today we visited the farmer’s market again, and brought home tons of goodies. Fresh bread, pork chops, ground beef, locally raised shrimp (who knew you could raise shrimp in the Midwest???), peaches, strawberries, raspberries, green beans, broccoli, cucumbers, rhubarb, green onions and cabbage. I made a fabulous dinner — green chops, coleslaw, grilled red potatoes, green beans, and skewered shrimp. There was hardly a drop left.

We took today off from exercise, but are planning a nice long hike in the woods tomorrow. Gotta get an early start so we can beat the heat a bit. Then we’ll head for the local pool to cool down before we head home. So far, this has been a great summer. A little rain would be nice though!

I have to admit, though, hearing my youngest say “Hey, Mom, remember those kale chips you made before? Can you make those again???” made my whole weekend. Never in my life did I ever think I’d hear any of my kids say that!


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