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2 week review

I had a sit down discussion with the kids today. I figured it was time, especially after watching everyone sliding last week. Gosh, I have heard others say that Moms rule the house, but I always felt like my husband and I had equal control here. It really became apparent though how little he gets involved in what the kids eat when I got too busy to be there! That’s OK, he does a great job keeping us going on the evening activity so I’ll take what I can get.

The discussion today served to remind the kids that they need to drink their water, fill their plates with fruits and veggies at every meal, and do a better job of limiting their time on the media. I reminded them about how we all want to finish this project healthier than when we started so hopefully they’ll remember.

Today we visited the farmer’s market again, and brought home tons of goodies. Fresh bread, pork chops, ground beef, locally raised shrimp (who knew you could raise shrimp in the Midwest???), peaches, strawberries, raspberries, green beans, broccoli, cucumbers, rhubarb, green onions and cabbage. I made a fabulous dinner — green chops, coleslaw, grilled red potatoes, green beans, and skewered shrimp. There was hardly a drop left.

We took today off from exercise, but are planning a nice long hike in the woods tomorrow. Gotta get an early start so we can beat the heat a bit. Then we’ll head for the local pool to cool down before we head home. So far, this has been a great summer. A little rain would be nice though!

I have to admit, though, hearing my youngest say “Hey, Mom, remember those kale chips you made before? Can you make those again???” made my whole weekend. Never in my life did I ever think I’d hear any of my kids say that!


When life gets busy, you just make do…

Wow, what a week already.  I’ve really been tested, and I haven’t passed every test with flying colors I’ll admit.  Still we’re doing well and better than usual so that’s something.

We were all dragging after that long hike last weekend, so we’ve toned down the exercise this week.  We’ve only gone to the track to walk or run twice so far, which is about half as much as normal.  The kids have increased their TV and computer time as a result and I can feel that strain in the house.  Seems like we’re all a bit on edge.  Very weird.

However, another hike is planned for this weekend, and I hope to get back to the track or at least back to evening activities this weekend.  Then in a couple of weeks we’re going on vacation to the mountains, and planning fun hikes every morning!  Ah, summer…

On the food end, though, several good things have happened.  Last Saturday, the local Farmer’s Market had their opening day so every weekend I have full access to local produce, meats, eggs and even seafood!  Also, I rejoined the CSA that I belonged to last year, and the deliveries started yesterday.  Between the market, the CSA and my own garden, we will have plenty of produce.  I am thrilled about that.  How better to “make half your plate fruits and vegetables” than with your own or at least local!  If I had a peach tree in the yard (or two!), life would be complete.  Here’s a picture of my CSA haul:

Day #2

The requests for junk increased today.  My youngest arrived at my office for a visit while his siblings were at band camp and insisted that he needed an Airhead Extreme.  If I wouldn’t get him that, then just a regular old candy bar would do.  I refused both, and reminded him that we were eating local foods and as organic as we can.  He didn’t stop asking, but he didn’t have a meltdown either when we left to get the others and go have lunch.  My middle child asked twice to go to the nearby Tropical Snow for snowcones, but I refused those too.  They may be locally made, but they’re nothing more than ice, sugar, coloring and flavoring.  My oldest didn’t ask for anything store bought, but begged me to let her make something.  She ended up making something called “Ultimate Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars” which are mostly sugar but they’re homemade so I called it even.  I can’t exactly call this a perfect day, but most of what we ate was on the plan!

BREAKFAST:  French toast with butter and homemade syrup, organic bacon, coffee with organic half & half

LUNCH:  Roll-ups (ham, turkey or chicken with cheese), applesauce, water

DINNER:  citrus marinated pork chops, grill-baked potatoes, steamed cauliflower, homemade lemonade

DESSERT:  ultimate peanut butter chocolate bars OR chocolate covered saltines, coffee with organic half & half

My CSA boxes will start arriving next week, the Farmer’s Market opens tomorrow, and my garden is doing well!  Hoping to start serving a LOT more fruits and veggies.

Just beginning… fresh local (backyard) food!

Garden is planted!  Tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, herbs, peas and lettuce soon will be enticing me outside every day to see what is ready and what needs to wait.  I’m very excited because I’ve never had much of a green thumb so the fact that I not only bought a book, but completely planned this whole garden, may change all that.  The only thing is that I simply have to remember that it’s out there, needing at least a little attention.

I also may end up with a pumpkin or two out of my compost box.  I tossed the seeds from our jack-o-lanterns on the tilled up dirt last fall, and then tossed the pumpkins themselves at the end of fall.  All of it decomposed, but the seeds have been sprouting all spring.  I’m pulling up the starts as soon as I see them, but they are coming out of the compost bin as well.  If we get pumpkins, I’ll just let them grow — see what happens.  Probably though they’ll run out of room and die, but we’ll see!

Farmer’s Market starts in just over a week, and the CSA deliveries should start the same time.  Looking forward to lots of fresh produce!